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Miley Cyrus is an American actress and pop singer

Written By Dangdut Fans on Rabu, 30 November 2011 | 15.04

Miley Ray Cyrus was born as Destiny Hope Cyrus, on November 23, 1992. Miley Cyrus was born in Nashville, Tennessee to parents Leticia "Tish" (née Finley) Cyrus and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. Her parents named her Destiny Hope because they believed that she would accomplish great things with her life. They gave her the nickname "Smiley", which was later shortened to "Miley", because she smiled so often as a baby. Cyrus suffers from a mild heart condition causing tachycardia which, though not dangerous, is often bothersome.

Miley Cyrus is an American actress and pop singer. She began her career when she was at age 11, when Cyrus learned about the casting for what became Hannah Montana, a Disney Channel children's television series about a school girl with a secret double life as a teen pop star. Cyrus sent in a tape auditioning for the show's best friend role, but received a call asking her to audition for the lead, "Chloe Stewart". After sending in a new tape and flying to Hollywood for further auditions, Cyrus was told that she was too young and too small for the part. However, her persistence and ability to sing in addition to act led the show's producers to invite her back for further auditions. Cyrus eventually received the lead, renamed "Miley Stewart" after herself, at the age of twelve.

Hannah Montana became an instant hit and propelled Cyrus to teen idol status, according to The Daily Telegraph. The series premiered on March 26, 2006 to the largest audience ever for a Disney Channel show and soon became one of the highest-rated series on basic cable, elevating Cyrus's wealth and fame along with it. Time magazine reports that Cyrus's "phenomenal" success is due partially to her talent and partially to "Disney learning to use its vast, multimedia holdings" and market Cyrus and Hannah Montana appropriately. Cyrus eventually became the first artist to have deals in television, film, consumer products, and music within The Walt Disney Company.
Miley Cyrus recorded music for the soundtracks Hannah Montana (2006) and Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus (2007), released by Walt Disney Records, which helped establish her as a teen idol. In 2007, Cyrus signed to Hollywood Records for a solo career. She went on the Best of Both Worlds Tour the same year; the tour was eventually turned into a high-grossing concert film entitled Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert (2008).

In April 2008, Cyrus released her first solo album, Breakout (2008), which experienced international success and she was included in Time magazine's 2008 Top 100. She began her foray into films by providing the voice of "Penny" in the animated film Bolt (2008) and by reprising the role of Miley in Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009). Bolt's theme song, I Thought I Lost You, earned her a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.
Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack introduced her to new audiences within country and adult contemporary markets. She began to cultivate an adult image in 2009 with the release of The Time of Our Lives (2009), an extended play which presented a more mainstream pop sound, and by filming The Last Song (2010), a coming-of-age drama film. The former included Cyrus's best-selling single, "Party in the U.S.A." (2009). Cyrus ranked number twenty-nine on Forbes 2009 Celebrity 100.
An upcoming studio album titled Can't Be Tamed will be released in 2010 and presents a new dance-pop sound. The music video and lyrics of the album's lead single, "Can't Be Tamed", portrays a more sexualized image for the entertainer. Cyrus has stated that she intends to focus on acting rather than singing in the future.

Miley Cyrus Wallpapers

Can you believe a condom company has approached 15-year-old Disney “Hannah Montana” star, Miley Cyrus, to endorse a brand of condoms. I have seen it all now! The world has clearly gone mad – or at least this condom company.


Bosses at a U.S. condom company have offered 15-year-old MILEY CYRUS $1 million (GBP500,000) to be the firm’s spokesmodel and promote safe sex among teenagers.

Cyrus is currently trying to appeal to an older audience, and shed her image as the young star of Disney show Hannah Montana.

Miley Throws Birdie At Paparazzi

British Moms Ban Miley Over Raunchy Photos

Miley Cyrus’ month just got worse. The 15-year-old star of Disney’s Hannah Montana was photographed throwing a birdie at the paparazzi (middle finger).

In other news, British moms have reportedly banned her over the stream of raunchy photos that have leaked over the last few months. *Cue sound of Disney executives crying*

Miley is currently struggling to clean up her image, after a series of sad turns that even saw her exploited by a lesbian photographer who took semi-nude photos of her.

British Mums Ban Miley

Miley Cyrus is still basking in her role as America’s current sweetheart, but across the pond, the parental units aren’t digging Hannah Montana.

After the second set of racy photos of Miley in the shower surfaced, mothers in England reportedly banned all Miley dolls and toys from their homes. They feel she is unsuitable as a role model for their children.


Teen star MILEY CYRUS has been pictured giving a rude hand gesture to a group of paparazzi photographers.

The Hannah Montana singer/actress was enjoying a day out at a Californian funfair on Tuesday (15Jul08) with her youngster sister Noah when she spotted some snappers taking her picture while she was riding a rollercoaster.

Cyrus, 15, responded by pulling an angry face and raising two fingers to the camera.

15-year-old Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus insists that despite the raunchy photos that have surfaced of her, she is still a virgin and wants to remain so until marriage. I hope you reach that goal.


07/16/2008 – MILEY CYRUS is determined to stay a virgin until she weds, insisting she gets a thrill from staying pure.

The 15-year-old’s squeaky-clean reputation has taken a hit this year (08) after she appeared topless, wrapped in a satin sheet in a controversial photoshoot for Vanity Fair magazine.

But she insists she is still innocent when it comes to sex – and she hopes to stay chaste.

Britneygate 2.0

Miley Cyrus

A hacker that illegally hacked into Miley Cyrus’ cell phone is claiming the 15-year-old Hannah Montana star is not a virgin, based on emails she sent to teen singer Nick Jonas. Well, that’s enough to damage her image…and his. This is sad.

While, the hacker could be lying through his teeth keyboard, Miley’s raunchiness over the past few months is not helping the situation. Jonas’ name is currently okay, but Miley’s is in shaky territory. This hasn’t been a good year for her, as it’s been one scandal after another, and most of it of her own making.

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers

It’s such a shame, because she’s a talented young woman, but clearly one headed for trouble, due to lack of disciplinary boundaries. It’s like watching a car accident happen.

Miley and her mom

To Miley’s parents I write this in all sincerity and kindness: you need to beat her little butt until she behaves.

Hacker Shopping Lewd Photos Illegally Stolen From The 15-Year-Old’s Phone

Photos Sent To Lead Singer Of The Jonas Brothers

Miley Cyrus at an awards show

15-year-old Miley Cyrus, the star of Disney’s children’s television show, Hannah Montana, is in more trouble again, over scantily clad photos she took of herself using her cell phone.

Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas

She took photos of herself in the shower wearing a wet t-shirt, to send them to Nick Jonas, lead singer of the popular teen band, The Jonas Brothers.

Jonas Brothers

A hacker illegally accessed and copied the pics of the 15-year-old and has been shopping them to different outlets for payment. He claims to have copied her emails and text messages as well that he says proclaims she is not a virgin.

Miley Cyrus

As I wrote a few months ago, Miley needs to stop taking inappropriate photos of herself. While the hacker broke the law in illegally accessing the cell phone, had she not taken the pics, he would have nothing to work with.

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers

There is also a question of legality in shopping around sexually overt photos of a minor. It can be construed as child porn and set that hacker up for a world of hurt from the Feds.


Teen sensation MILEY CYRUS has been caught up in yet another photo scandal after an internet hacker accessed her phone’s memory and found a series of saucy snaps.

The new pictures allegedly show the singer posing seductively in the shower with only a wet t-shirt covering her modesty, as well as a photo of her showing off her stomach in a skimpy top.

The snaps were reportedly downloaded from the star’s personal picture phone memory by a hacker calling himself the Digital Gangster.

Miley Cyrus

50-year-old lesbian photographer Annie Leibovitz has tanked the ratings of the kids television show Hannah Montana, jeopardizing a billion dollar Disney franchise, via the inappropriate photos she took of its 15-year-old star Miley Cyrus.

The show’s ratings have fallen by as much as 26% since the time of the scandal, where Annie Leibovitz told the 15-year old to pull down her top and place a sheet over her chest, leaving her back and the top of her cleavage exposed.

“Hannah Montana” is now no longer Disney’s top rated show, having lost a few million viewers, with the substantial ratings decline being attributed to Leibovitz and the scandalous photos.

These errors and miscalculations happen, as Hollywood’s moral compass (well, they don’t have one) is not in line with the rest of the nation as a whole.

Hollywood is an industry where pre-teen and teen stars take drugs and engage in sex at an early age. People in the industry know and look the other way. What’s shocking for the rest of America is not shocking for Hollywood. Hence, the missteps.

How, Leibovitz thought this was okay is beyond me. If I were given the task of having to photograph a 15-year-old girl for a magazine my first words would have been, “Little girl, either you wear the Victorian dress and bustle or you don’t get your picture taken. Do you want the Boogey Man to get you?!” The Boogey Man being R Kelly.

Yes, I went there, but only to bring home the point that R. Kelly cannot be allowed to continue preying on young girls.

Miley Covers Up As ‘Hannah Montana’ Ratings Drop

Compared to the first original show of the year, which aired in January, viewership for Sunday’s show was down 26%.

An estimated 3.1 million viewers tuned in for “Hannah’s” 7p.m. Sunday edition, which aired out of the network’s usual pattern for fresh episodes.

“Hannah Montana” has now been replaced as Disney’s top-rated show by “Wizards of Waverly Place,” which stars Selena Gomez, who made several appearances in “Hannah Montana.”

Miley Cyrus

Rock band Lustra has accused singer/actress Miley Cyrus, star of Disney’s Hannah Montanna of ripping off one of their songs.

Lustra’s preexisting, suggestive song “Scotty Doesn’t Know” appeared in the motion picture “Eurotrip.” Hannah Montana’s later recorded and released “Rockstar” does sound a lot like it.

The composite picture of both songs having the same guitar riffs, melodies, groove, similar drum sequences and being about the same thing, someone not knowing you’re in love with someone, forms copyright infringement. When you hear the songs back to back they sound alike, especially the beat.

In her defense, Cyrus’ spokesperson denied she wrote the song, “She doesn’t write the songs – she sings them. We have referred this to Disney.”

Whoever wrote it ripped that band off. Judge for yourself via the songs:

Miley Cyrus Told To Keep A Low Profile In Face Of Vanity Fair Scandal

April 29. 2008

Miley Cyrus as “Hannah Montana”

Just last month I wrote about 15-year-old Miley Cyrus stating she needs to stop taking suggestive photos of herself, as there are people who will exploit her.

Fast-forward one month and there’s a major scandal over semi-nude Miley photos. Photographer Annie Leibovitz took inappropriate photos of the 15-year-old, wearing scarlet red lipstick and a sheet, with her entire back and the top part of her chest exposed.

Is that the blonde dude from Die Hard:

just kidding – it’s photographer Annie Leibovitz

I blame Leibovitz for this shoot. She is a grown woman. She knew better. What business does she have photographing a 15-year-old in this manner.

Didn’t an alarm bell go off in your head and say to you this doesn’t look right. Didn’t your conscience tell you that maybe you were going to put this girl in a bad situation.

Leibovitz knew exactly what she was doing. It was exploitation. You wanted a reaction and you got one…a bad one. Parents and Miley Cyrus’ audience are outraged.

What’s next Hollywood, hooker photos of Dora the Explorer. Is nothing sacred or moral in that town.

As evidenced by previous photos, Miley, like some girls, is trying to grow up too fast and these people are helping her along that road. Someone needs to put their foot down before this becomes another Spears story.

Dad Mortified By Miley Photo

Billy Ray Cyrus suffered an achy breaky heart when he saw the seminude shots of his superstar daughter, Miley – a k a “Hannah Montana” – that were taken after he left the Vanity Fair shoot.

Cyrus had been present for most of famed photographer Annie Leibovitz’s session, but ducked out before the final, racier pictures of his 15-year-old daughter, partially naked and covered by a sheet, were taken.

“Miley’s parents did leave the shoot and were not present for the final shot, nor did they see any digital images of the shot in question,” a Miley spokeswoman told The Post yesterday.

Her grandmother and her teacher were left to supervise, according to People magazine.

“Annie convinced them it was going to be artistic,” a source told People. “Her parents are mortified.”

The Disney Channel, whose “Hannah Montana” empire is worth nearly $1 billion, has ordered Miley to lie low.

15-year-old Disney “Hannah Montana” actress Miley Cyrus has apologized to the public for flashing her bra in a photo that was widely disseminated online.

However, she has now appeared in Vanity Fair magazine only wearing a sheet. This is causing a lot of controversy in the media and online. People are concerned she is going to become another Britney Spears. Let’s hope not, as that’s a destructive path with lasting public and personal damage.

Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)

15-year-old teen singer and actress Miley Cyrus made a spoof video mocking Madonna’s terrible new song and video “4 Minutes To Save The World.”

The video became very popular online, more than Madonna’s silly music video clip, that people are only watching to see Timberlake, anyway.

Several sites are saying Madonna is upset. Hence, the crazy, nonsensical response video she did on YouTube, bizarrely vacuuming (hoovering) with that nutty look in her eyes and throwing subliminal shots at the poor child, who is young enough to be her grandkid.

Everybody is baffled as to what the “Crazy For You” singer meant in that insane clip.

Side bar: people, she wasn’t kidding with that song “Crazy For You” as she really is nuts. And what’s with that other stalker lyric by her I read online, “Don’t try to run I can keep up with you.” What is that. Boy, lines like that make a person wanna buy mace.

Hoover’s that girl?

Madonna has posted a bizarre 10-minute video on YouTube which features her vacuuming in a mini-dress.

The clip is a response to Miley Cyrus, who made a video mocking Madonna and Justin Timberlake’s 4 Minutes video.

During the YouTube film, which shows Madonna cleaning her home with a Henry Hoover, she says: “You people who are making videos of 4 Minutes, good job. You need to clean up after yourself.”

Nicole Kidman