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Honda civic 2012 gallery

Written By sitemp3 on Minggu, 11 September 2011 | 22.38

honda civic 2012

Honda civic 2012

Honda Motors is reportedly preparing to finalize the launch of the latest hatchback generation Honda Civic 2012. Car engine began to be marketed in 2011 was not changed compared to previous generations.
Honda claims to have complete Honda Civic 2012 with a number of new features on the exterior and interior of the car. Front grille that uses a honeycomb design, wrapping sheets Alcantra in interior leather, alloy rims of the GT version of the Civic, are among the new features which are owned by the Honda Civic 2012
This hatchback car manufactured in this type of SE and Si. Both still use the 1400 cc engine and 1800 cc engine. Two types of first use are 16 inch rims. The 1,800 cc engine type using size 17 inches. Engine 1800 cc i-VTEC is called capable of generating power up to 140 horsepower. Honda Civic fuel consumption in 2012 only 6.7 liters per 100 kilometers and exhaust emissions no more than 155 grams per kilometer.
Honda did not mention the maximum speed that can be achieved by the Honda Civic 2012. However, the speed acceleration from rest to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour claimed in just 8.9 seconds.
Honda civic 2012
Honda civic 2012
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