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Tamer Hosny - Noor 3eini (Light of my Eyes)

Tamer Hosny (Arabic: تامر حسني; born August 16, 1977) is an Egyptian singer, actor, composer , director , producer and songwriter.Tamer Hosny is known as the King of generation for 21st centry and Generation's Singer. Although Tamer Hosny had many problems due to his family and standerds, he managed to solve, and get over many of them. He has also managed to work really hard and reach his goals and aims as been a great singer, actor, composer , director , producer and songwriter. Before becoming that, Tamer dreamed and wanted to beacome a footballer and play for his country - Egypt. He has been into different acdamies and clubs and played for almost 9 years. As he moved from one football team to another, things changed and problems occurred which has made Tamer end his proffisional career, and start singing then include acting in films and movies. His first soap episodes was in 2011 during the month of Ramdan, and it was called "Adam". During all the past years untill this moment, he mentioned that behind his success and hard work, he had many help and encourgment from many of his friends, fans although mostly his mum. As she believed since he was a little kid that he was and still is very talented. She always told him too never give up and keep trying and stood beside him through his whole journy.

Tamer's dad left him, his mum and brother at a young age, and he spent time trying to find his dad. ALthough, he has discovered that he left the country. He sacrificed alot in life just to help his family and try to live. And as I believe he has done a great job and proved his strength, respect and beliefs in equality, what he thinks is right and believed that Allah (God) was always with him. He acceptes and respects the difference in people and their caltures, religion, and race. Beacuse at the end of the day we are all humans and all one. He shows this from his music and the lyrics he writes, his personality and actions also everyone aproves of this beacuse its a fact that can't be denied. Some of his songs are not only spoken in arabic, their spoken in french but mostly english, as he has a message to pass on the world and wish many people to listen and understand his point. The difference in the language helps to reach the people and as its a world known plus spoken language makes it easier.

Tamer is been very successful in life and hopes to achieve more in the future too. He has relased some albums with many songs, and has been involved and taken parts in different movies which he also was the main/ one of the main characters. That isin't all, Tamer done many concerts in different countries and different continents e.g. Africa, Asia and Europe. Tamer has won many different awards for the best singer of the year, actor, and for getting the most hits during the year and relasing many new exciting pieces of his work. Some famouse and great singers from this generation and the generation before are compiting against Tamer and his work, or finding Tamer Hosny as a compition in the world of music. This is typical for any singers around the world, and wishing all of them the best - but this shows that Tamer is progressing and many singers are looking up to him and finding him good to compete with. This does not mean that Tamer Hosny is not looking up to any singers, infact before joining the career of music and singing there where many singers he adored and learnt from such as "Abd al Halim Hafiz" and he has bought that up through his journy.

His mother brought him up alongside his older brother Hossam in the absence of their father, Hosny Sherif Abbas. Tamer Hosny grew up with an interest with soccer and played for 9 years. He graduated from October 6 University,with a Bachelor's degree in Media Studies.

He was introduced by Salma El Shamaa to the Opera. Afterwords, he was recognized by Nasr Mahrous, the manager and owner of Free Music production company. Later on he signed a contract with Free Music in 2002. Tamer didn't debut with Sherine's first mix tape. Instead, he was featured in previous mix tapes, and one of them featured other artists like Khaled Agag and Mohamed Mounir. He released 5 Successful albums with Free Music .

Then In 2009, He signed with Mazzika group Alam El PhanTill Now.

He is an endorser of Pepsi, a well-known soft drink around the world.

He was the "first Arab celebrity" to advertise the Police brand of sunglasses


In 2004, he released his first studio album as a solo artist. Titled Hob, the album featured the single "Arrab Habibi". The album was quite a success with his hit, "Arrab Habibi", was subject to heavily rotation on satellite music channels.

'Anaya Bathibak

'Anaya Bathibak (My Eyes Love You) is his second full-length studio album , released at the end of 2005.Produced by Free Music. The album's main hits were "Anaya Bathibak" and "Ba'ish". The album was a great success in Egypt and the Middle East.

Ya Bent El-Eih

Ya Bent El-Eih is his Third full length studio album, released in March 2007. Produced by Free Music. The album featured thirteen songs, nine of them were stolen and leaked on the internet before it was released to the market almost a week before. The Egyptian media says about this album: "It's a nice album that considered being his first real step in his musical life". In this album 7 great hits composed and written by him, who is also known as one of the most romantic lyricists. • "A'reft Elly Feha" • "Allah Yebarekli Feek" • "Ana Walla A'aref" • " Sotek" These four songs were filmed in his film "Omar & Salma" 1st part.

Tamer Hosny Best Pose

Ikhtart Sah

Ikhtart Sah is His seventh studio album released in 2010. This is the second studio album recorded under Mohsen Gaber's Alam El Phan. It was commercially successful. Including one English song named "Sweet Melody", it was his second English song. From This album Tamer Hosny filmed 3 music videos " saheet ala sotha" it was 1st experience for Tamer Hosny in directing, "Taarafy" and "law hakoun gher leek" Both were directed by Mohamed Sami .

Elly Gai Ahla

Elly Gai Ahla is the 8th studio album by Tamer Hosny released in 2011. This is the Third studio album recorded under Mohsen Gaber's Alam El Phan. It has achieved a very big commercially successful. From This album Tamer Hosny hits four music videos 1- Elly Gai Ahla Directed By :Yasser Sami. 2- Dayman Ma'ak Directed by : Yasser Sami. 3 - Matsaa'lnesh Tamer Hosny FT the new singer Bassma Directed by : Hossam L Hosseiny. 4- Aklemha Directed by : Hossam L Hosseiny. This album reached to number 1 on the charts on its first week out.

[edit] Directing career

Tamer Hosny has started his first directorial experience in 2010. By directing his music video "saheet ala sotha" the music video achieved a very big success. Tamer Hosny was tended to direction field as he always dreams to make his music video by his own vision.

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